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Perhaps you might be in the process of creating a name for a startup or a product or service. Maybe you need a great App name. Well, you've come to the right place. Here you get professionally crafted names that are available right now, without any middle man. All pricing is clearly marked and you can buy right now with a credit card. Buying a great business name with a matching domain could not be easier. Take a look at our current offerings and see for yourself.


TheBusinessNameStore is a division of AWMAsf, a West Coast Strategic Marketing Firm with over 20 years of experience in business, product and service launches. Names and taglines we've crafted from our customers include Personic, Portivity, NetFlame, Claria, JellyCloud and many others.


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This premium four character domain name suitable for dynamic start-up or product or service business. Connotes speed, technology, scale and growth. This very special name is highly brandable and comes with a pre-designed logo for your exclusive use.

Click to view pricing for XTWO.com



A powerful and evocative domain name, perfectly suitable for any kind of technology company, especially those in the advertising space where social media is heavily leveraged. Also any kind of online customer survey application or analysis tool would be a perfect use for this domain. Easily and evocatively brandable, SwayCast is a powerful brand name. (.net, .org and .com are all included in the sale price)

Click to view pricing for SwayCast.com



A premium quality conceptual frame indicating that data has been killed. The metaphor is rich and evocative and controversial. "Is your company committing Daticide" could be an amazing and thought provocative headline, especially for a technology security company or any type of data analytics business or application. With the right promotion the concept of Daticide could easily go viral...as the buyer, you would get to ride that wave to benefit your business. (.com and .org versions are included in the sales price)

Click to view pricing for Daticide.com



Could be a revolutionary new offering to help people vote based upon social media friendship and thought leader influencer. iSlateCard could be an app that you can take with you into the voting booth to help remind you of which candidates and issues you had planned to vote for. With the US Presidential election just two years away, iSlateCard could become a highly recalled new business, product or service. (.net, .com and .org are all included in the price)

Click to view pricing for iSlateCard.com



Could be the perfect name for a hot political blog, PAC, SuperPAC or grass roots organization that wants to change the status quo in Washington as well as in their local and state government. ReformGov is a crystal clear message that you are working for change. It's a non-partisan concept, but the buyer could easily apply his or her own values to frame its meaning. (.net, .com and .org versions are all included in the sales price)

Click to view pricing for ReformGov.com



This fun domain name is perfect for a children's focused business or educational course. Included with this domain name is Minimogl.com

Click to view pricing for LittleMogul.com



An excellent name for any kind of social media platform or service company where voting or rating of any kind is conducted. Obviously anything to do with politics is a great choice for this domain name. Clear, easily brand able and high recall make this a domain a landslide victory for you. (.net, .org and .com versions are all included in the sales price)

Click to view pricing for Voternetworks.com



A wonderfully unique and brand able name for a creative business, product or service. The name is ambiguous enough for you to apply whatever meaning to it you like. (.net version is also included).

Click to view pricing for Doroma.com



A great name for a communications coach or professional marketing or presentation expert. Could be used for a book title, training program and/or a video course (includes .org and .net versions of the name at no additional charge.)

Click to view pricing for BoringToBrilliant.com



The perfect tagline for an environmentally focused company, especially a company involved with outdoor activities (parks, recreation, travel, tourism) or even food processing (such as a fun natural energy bar). The play on words have high recall amongst prospective customers and will help to strengthen a nature focused brand. Also includes .info. org and .net versions.

Click to view pricing for MoreFunByNature.com






Return Policy: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. USE CONSIDERED JUDGEMENT BEFORE ORDERING. There are NO RETURNS available on domain name purchases. Receipt of payment from you (the Buyer) constitutes an agreement of this term. Other than the authentic representation of the current domain name owner and the prompt transferral of the domain name to Buyer, there are no other licenses, warranties or rights offered or implied. DOMAIN NAMES SOLD AS IS. USE DOMAIN AT YOUR OWN RISK. Seller requires Buyer to seek any and all protection of trademark rights acquisition, if applicable. While Seller agrees to transfer all rights within its ownership, Seller offers no trademark transfer of the domain beyond its ownership.

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